Four new art exhibits opened at the Reach on April 18.

Four new art exhibits opened at the Reach on April 18.

Reach hosting four new shows

Beginning on April 18, the Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford presents four new exhibits.

The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford presents four stimulating exhibitions for the Spring of 2013.

The show are:

How I Became a Ramblin Man:

Rodney Graham was born in Abbotsford, B.C. and is one of Canada’s leading visual artists, internationally recognized for his rigorously intellectual art practice ranging from photography, film, video and music to sculpture, painting and books.

In 1994, Graham began a series of films and videos in which he himself appears as the principal character.

How I Became a Ramblin’ Man provides an amused vision of the American movie epic from the point of view of the western tradition featuring a lone hero.

Observation of Wonder:

Brenna Maag’s  Observation of Wonder is a two-part installation made with a collection of recovered handmade doilies which are displayed  and documented as scientific specimens in Taxonomy.

Maag investigates scientific theories, naming and classification to view the formal aspects of daily existence and the poetics of nature’s diversity. Maag constructs a large dome or “conservatory” of fabric doilies along with a collection of cyanotype prints documenting different doilies as “specimens” akin to snowflake crystals.

A Way of Seeing:

Alfred Siemens’ photography was taken out of the open door of a small plane as a way to search for and create visual forms of research. These photographs yield a range of information and suggest that visual images can be a creative form of research as a means of studying landscapes, of sensing the change through time, of appreciating their aesthetics, their moods and even their rhythms.

People of the Valley – Mennonite and Japanese:

Building on its opening exhibition theme, People of the Valley, Our Communities Our Stories will explore the settlement of Abbotsford’s Mennonite and Japanese communities.

Conflict and the erosion of the rights promised them in Russia brought Mennonites to Canada and Abbotsford, where they established to become community leaders. Conflict robbed Abbotsford of its Japanese community when they, as enemy aliens, were relocated from the designated “protected area” 100 miles from the BC coast in 1942.

The shows all opened on April 18. For information, call 604-864-8087.