New album looks to evolution of local music

Old Clayburn features 31 songs, showcasing musicians from Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley.

From old favourites to fresh voices, a new compilation album hopes to provide a crash course in the Fraser Valley music scene.

With 31 songs from as many bands, the free online album provides a look at the evolution of local music sounds.

Titled “Old Clayburn” after a turn-of-the-century brick factory in Abbotsford, the compilation was assembled by Adam Roper, who hosts the Birds of Canada radio show on CIVL.

Roper drew from flash-in-the-pans, established artists, emerging acts and older, obscure bands. While Old Clayburn includes songs from well-known acts like Oh No! Yoko, Jordan Klassen and now-defunct Fun 100, the album also looks forward, featuring tracks by Casinos, a newer Abbotsford band building a reputation for their live shows, and “experimental folk” singer Trevor Blaak.

Asked to single out another artist, Roper said the Fraser Valley music scene owes a particular debt to Old Mare, which has a track on the CD.

“Few artists from the area have been able to articulate the cultural value and history in their songwriting as well,” Roper said. But Old Mare’s impact went beyond that, with members organizing showcases for many of Abbotsford’s best music exports.

The album can be downloaded for free at: