Local comedy group vies for top prize

Buddy Guys competes for $500,000 and half-hour special on CBC

Jaspreet Gill

Jaspreet Gill

Buddy Guys is a new comedy featuring local comedians Sunee Dhaliwal and Clifford Prang, developed with Adam Wormald as part of the ComedyCoup talent accelerator contest.

The story follows two best friends, Sunee and Cliff. When they learn that Sunee’s sister Preety is arranged to be married to their lifelong nemesis Dalpreet Sidhu, they will stop at nothing to put an end to the wedding – even if it means Preety married Cliff instead.

They describe the show as an unlikely adventure that celebrates love, friendship and family and promotes Punjabi tradition, values and culture to the next generation. The show is part of a competition that requires votes from the public to advance.

Right now, the top 100 teams are facing weekly challenges. The first voting period will be held Oct. 23 to 26 and 50 teams will advance. The contest will continue to advance the top teams based on votes from the public, with the top 15 being flown to Toronto to pitch their ideas to network executives.

One team will receive $500,000 and a half-hour special on CBC. Buddy Guys are one of two teams (out of 283) from the Fraser Valley.  To learn more or vote for Buddy Guys, visit comedycoup.cbc.ca/buddyguys.

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