Dual exhibit now open at Kariton Art Gallery

Show features work by Bill Stewart and Myriame Gabay



A new dual exhibition opened last week at the Kariton Art Gallery and Boutique (2387 Ware St.) and runs until Oct. 13.

The exhibit, Coalesco and Encausticus, features work by sculptor Bill Stewart and encaustic painter Myriame Gabay.

Stewart is an organic sculptor who creates his natural artwork with tree roots. Starting from a seed, he raises the trees and manipulates its roots to tightly grip a rock.

Stewart sees his work as an embodiment of nourishment and solidity that brings forward the question of the origins and foundations of the facets of life.

Gabay is an encaustic, cold wax and oil artist whose work brings together her love of art and nature with the intention of connecting the observer to the essence of nature. Gabay also creates whimsical illustrations, and her motive is to awaken the playfulness in everyone.

For more information, visit abbotsfordartscouncil.com.