Art on Demand at The Reach

Opening reception on July 11 for new exhibit

This piece

This piece

The recently re-launched program Emerge for young artists hosts its second Art on Demand 1:2.

An opening reception for the cafe-style exhibition takes place Saturday, July 11 at 2 p.m. at The Reach Gallery Museum, 32388 Veterans Way. Admission is free.

The event is an afternoon of mingling, art dialogue and refreshments with emerging Fraser Valley artists Tanya Kaario and Ryan Cadarette.

This celebration will also kick off a new lecture series, The Upshot, an in-depth but casual talk with The Reach’s executive director and curator Laura Schneider.

In the premiere Some Stuff About Painting dialogue, Schneider will lead with the question, “How do we talk about painting today?”

She will discuss the current exhibitions at The Reach, address shifts in art historical discourse and confirm that painting is alive and well today.

Mirroring The Reach’s operational structure, the Emerge Art on Demand programs function as a membership-led “gallery within a gallery.”

Along with invitations to submit artwork to an annual exhibition, some of the Fraser Valley’s most promising emerging artists (ages 16 to 30) get to showcase new works curated by its own membership, at Art on Demand exhibitions.

Emerge members also have access to unique programs, workshops and studio/gallery tours.

They also have an opportunity to acquire valuable experience for their resume, learn professional artistic practices and hands-on skills, develop leadership skills and collaborate and dialogue with fellow artists, as well as professionals at The Reach.

Admission is free to Art on Demand 1:2 and the Some Stuff About Painting dialogue.

For more information, including a call for submission of art works for Art on Demand exhibitions, visit