AGRIFAIR: Are you tough enough to wear pink?

On Friday at the Mighty Fraser Pro Rodeo, Tough Enough To Wear Pink jelly bands will be available by donation...

The Mighty Fraser Pro Rodeo is one of the main attractions at Abbotsford

The Mighty Fraser Pro Rodeo is one of the main attractions at Abbotsford

Are you tough enough to wear pink at a rodeo?

On Friday at the Mighty Fraser Pro Rodeo, Tough Enough To Wear Pink jelly bands will be available by donation with proceeds going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Rodeo occupies a unique position in modern sports, having developed from an American culture that is rapidly changing. Rodeo is a window into the past, but at the same time it is a unique modern sport with an exciting and interesting atmosphere.

Agrifair has cowgirls and cowboys from across the globe, including Australia, Brazil and New Zealand. They come looking to score the coveted high points that will carry them on to the rodeo final events in Edmonton and Las Vegas.

There is the utmost respect for both the rider and the animal. Rodeo is a sport and a history lesson, performed with respect to our past.

With the disappearing lifestyle of the western frontier, the popularity of rodeo has grown, and rodeos have spread across the continent. Cowboys who had been facing grim prospects can now travel and make a living by rodeo alone.

Agrifair is proud to have this sport and education available to its community.

There will be three new aspects to the Agrifair rodeo:

Firstly, the seating in the rodeo stadium has all been redone – no more splinters in the backside! This is thanks to a partnership among the City of Abbotsford, Fortis BC, Philps Specialty Services, Mainland Sand & Gravel, Blackwood Building Supplies, Crosby Construction, and the many, many volunteers. However, with upgrades there is always a flip side – to enjoy the comforts of this seating will see you spend $5 per person, 12 years and under will be free.

Secondly, there will be beer service available while you enjoy the rodeo performances, and, thirdly, organizers will be offering “super cool” prizes to be won during each performance – don’t lose your entry ticket!

Top 10 rodeo superstitions

As with every sport, rodeo has its superstitions. Here are the top 10:

1. Never Set Your Cowboy Hat on a Bed – It could lead to a major injury or even death. This belief comes from the close association of sleep with death (eternal rest) and the dangerous lifestyle of a rodeo cowboy.

2. Never Wear Yellow in the Arena – This superstition could be contributed to the fact that yellow is not a very popular colour. More likely it’s because yellow is associated with cowardice, so you won’t see too much yellow in the arena.

3. Always Shave Before a Performance – Always clean yourself up for lady luck.

4. Wear Different Coloured Socks on Each Foot – Other sports have similar superstitions to this one.

5. Never Compete with Change in Your Pocket – It might be all you’ll win. Rodeo life is really a tough life. Unlike other sports competitors, rodeo cowboys do not receive a salary. Success is tied to winning and winning alone. This hard reality makes cowboys and cowgirls try to give 100 per cent each time they compete, because without the prize money you can’t pay entry fees at the next show.

6. Don’t Eat Peanuts or Popcorn – Eating this small and dried food can cause you to choke.

7. Never Kick a Paper Cup at a Rodeo – Paper cups have a tendency to spook horses as they blow (or are kicked) around. This can lead to some pretty bad results.

8. Saddle Bronc Riders Should Mount Right Foot First – This may go back to the Middle Ages, and is a direct link to the modern cowboy from the knight of Medieval Europe, passed from Spanish knights called Caballeros on to the Vaquero and then the cowboy. The theory goes that knights would mount from stands during jousts and would stick their feet in right side stirrups first due to the fact that the left side or sinister side was considered bad or evil.

9. Eat a Hot Dog Before the Rodeo

10. Never Read your Horoscope on Competition Day – This superstition obviously has something to do with tempting your luck.