Abbotsford musician Liam Pasiciel has released his fourth album, Planet of Creation. (Submitted photo)

Abbotsford musician Liam Pasiciel has released his fourth album, Planet of Creation. (Submitted photo)

Abbotsford musician Liam Pasiciel releases fourth album

Plant of Creation is entirely instrumental and moves beyond his ‘metal’ roots

An Abbotsford musician has released his fourth solo album, and this one is entirely instrumental.

Liam Pasiciel, 21, said he released Planet of Creation to showcase that he can play different kinds of music other than metal.

Pasiciel’s previous releases focused on his love of “power metal.”

He said the tracks on Planet of Creation were inspired by him wanting “to do justice to the place that we live.”

“We truly live on an incredible planet, and I’ve always been at peace during stressful times just looking around and taking it all in, and I hope that my music off of this album will trigger that same feeling in others,” Pasiciel said.

He said his creative energy was “pushed to the limit” on the album. Pasiciel wanted to make listeners feel like they are in the location that the song is describing, and he spent a lot of time studying different genres of music to capture that feeling.

Pasiciel, who performs under the band name Magnesium, also released official backing tracks for each song so that other musicians can improvise or create whatever they want using his songs as the base.

Among the tracks on the album is country-style guitar in Forest, and “some really clean background dynamics” in Oceans and Space.

Mountains is the finale, featuring lots of brass, choir and synth “to make it sound as big as possible, just like real-life mountains.”

“The track ends with an energizing sequence of power metal, coming full circle with my other music,” Pasiciel said.

Because his bedroom serves as his studio, Pasiciel said he feels fortunate that he is able to continue making music during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s during times like these that we have to remember how much of a blessing it is to be able to express ourselves on the inside when we can’t show it on the outside,” he said.

Pasiciel previously attended Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee for a year, majoring in guitar.

He first started playing at the age of 11, and grew to love power metal when he began taking lessons at age 14.

Pasiciel’s first album was Forging the Armory in which he played piano, lead and bass guitar, as well as singing. He also made Guardian Dreadnought and Breakthrough before Planet Creation.

The four albums are available on all streaming music platforms.

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