Sophia Campbell of Abbotsford has released her first book, Hark Valley.

Sophia Campbell of Abbotsford has released her first book, Hark Valley.

Abbotsford author releases book of poetry and meditations

Sophia Campbell’s Hark Valley a depiction of her ‘spiritual journey’

An Abbotsford woman has released a book in which she shares her personal story.

Sophia Campbell’s first book is titled Hark Valley (published by WestBow Press), which is inspired by conversations with God and deep meditations.

Campbell’s life has been shaped by successes, disappointments, determination and perseverance.

Hark Valley presents a poetic depiction of her spiritual journey during one of her greatest health challenges.

In her search for answers, guidance and strength, Campbell highlights her victory in Christ in various scenarios.

Using the art of poems and meditations to depict these scenes, she shows how God came to her rescue as she experiences the emotional rollercoaster of high and low points.

Campbell says that each poem provides readers with an imagery that reflects creativity yet the messages themselves dig deep into one’s emotions and daily life experiences, promoting hope and a sense of positive influence.

With mental health becoming one of today’s rising problems, Campbell said she hopes that Hark Valley will serve as guidance and reminder in times of trouble and despair.

Campbell was born in Jamaica and later moved to Canada, now living in Abbotsford. She has worked as a special education assistant in B.C. for more than eight years.

When she developed a chronic health issue, she focused on her strongest passions – writing and spirituality.

Hark Valley is available onlie at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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