EDITORIAL: Extreme weather warrants caution, obey instructions

It should come as no surprise that it has been a year of extreme and turbulent weather

  • Jul 14, 2017

SIMPSON: Canadians rally for wildfire victims

It’s encouraging to see the province – and nation – come together for the thousands affected

Invasive pests not deserving of our sympathy

Human settlers created much of the pest problems we have in the lower mainland

Cyclist struck by vehicle in Abbotsford
Spring has arrived
We Are Hockey exhibit
Rail District Market holds preview night

EDITORIAL: Moving forward as minority

It has been a suspenseful and dramatic couple of months in provincial politics

  • Jul 7, 2017

Liberal gamesmanship carries risks

The BC Liberal Party could find itself alienating the support that has kept it in power for 16 years.

EDITORIAL: Daycare relief not likely

Families seeking daycare relief may be watching their child graduate from high school …

  • Jun 23, 2017

OPINION: Some consolation in post-election wrangling

Last month has helped British Columbians improve upon their abysmal knowledge of our government

EDITORIAL: Legal pot poses legal questions

Whether you agree with the decision to legalize marijuana or not …

  • Jun 8, 2017

EDITORIAL: Searching for a solution

Impact of the opioid crisis can be seen with disturbing clarity on any day in Abbotsford

  • Jun 1, 2017

EDITORIAL: Obey the signs, save a life

A disturbing sight on Abbotsford roads is watching motorists race through a construction zone

  • May 19, 2017

EDITORIAL: Beware politicians’ interpretations of election results

The public has spoken, albeit not in the way certain elected leaders would have you believe.

EDITORIAL: Just vote – it’s your duty

It’s up to you to cast your ballot in provincial election

  • May 5, 2017

EDITORIAL: Democracy needs people to stand up for their beliefs

Running for office and subjecting oneself to the temperamental public – and media! – isn’t easy

  • Apr 28, 2017