Workshops promote multiculturalism

Gladwin Language Centre in Abbotsford encourages interactive education.

The Gladwin Language Centre will be hosting three free evenings of workshops, funded by its just-received multiculturalism grant from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The Inter-Action Multiculturalism Grants and Contributions program is in place to foster and promote intercultural understanding by providing interaction amongst diverse communities.

The first event, Feb. 22, will comprise three workshops: Stopping and Identifying Racist Behaviour, Intercultural Communications and Multiculturalism in the Workplace.

The second evening, on Feb. 29, involves cooking and sampling multicultural foods with respect to diabetics, healthy lunches, prepared meals and low cholesterol meals. Participants of this workshop will prepare dishes and sample all the creations at the end of the evening.

The final workshop, on March 7, will be an evening of learning simple conversational phrases from other languages such as Punjabi, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Spanish. Participants can choose up to three language groups from which they’ll study common phrases and cultural practices for use in speaking with neighbours from different backgrounds.

The Gladwin Language Centre has been providing English classes for over 18 years, and also co-ordinates the annual citizenship ceremony in Abbotsford.

All workshops will be at the centre, located at 210-2580 Cedar Park Place, and include refreshments. Classes are open to the public, ages 14 and older, and take place between 6:30 and 9 p.m. on their scheduled evening. Interested participants should call 604-854-8160 to register in advance.