WorkSafe, 4-H and AgSafe videos highlight tractor safety

New campaign reinforces safe work practices around farm machinery

WorkSafe, 4-H and AgSafe videos highlight tractor safety

WorkSafeBC, 4-H British Columbia and AgSafe have teamed up to create two new agriculture safety videos that reinforce farm safety information for thousands of young people on B.C. farms.

The videos, which will be shown at 4-H club meetings and events province-wide, promote safe work practices on and around tractors and other farm machinery.

In the last five years, there have been more than 2,700 injuries in the agriculture sector across the province. Farm vehicles or machinery were involved in 16 per cent of the injuries.

The videos 4-H Working Safely on Tractors and 4-H Working Safely Around Tractors were produced by WorkSafeBC and filmed at a farm in the north Okanagan.

The videos emphasize the need to:

– read and follow the user’s manual for all farm equipment;

–ensure the tractor’s roll-over protection structures (ROPS) are up and always wear your seatbelt;

– always keep three points of contact when getting on and off equipment;

– wear high-visibility apparel when working around farm equipment; and

– ensure all power takeoff (PTO) shields and guards are maintained and in place.