Variety grant to Matthew’s House

The grant of $6,883 has provided a new locking system

Wendy Toohey

Wendy Toohey

A grant from Variety – The Children’s Charity ensures that children who visit Matthew’s House are safe and secure during their stay.

The grant of $6,883 has provided a new locking system, which requires a device to be used to both enter and exit the building.

Wendy Toohey, who manages Matthew’s House, said the new system gives peace of mind to families.

“We have a number of children that stay with us who would not be able to do so otherwise,” Toohey said. “These are children who live in a completely secure environment at home, which means their respite environment also needs to be completely secure.”

Matthew’s House, located next to Abbotsford Regional Hospital, provides respite care for children with complex health-care issues.

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