United Way grant requests surpass amount available

Hopes that this year's fundraising campaign reaches its $800,000 goal.

The executive director of the United Way of the Fraser Valley (UWFV) is hoping that this year’s campaign reaches or exceeds the $800,000 goal so that more funding is available for community-based projects.

Wayne Green said the agency has received more than $400,000 in grant requests from community groups.

In July, the United Way announced that $90,000 was available for programs that focus on reducing poverty, ensuring children up to age six succeed, and reducing homelessness.

The grants are to develop or increase skills that will reduce reliance on crisis services such as food banks or shelters.

“While it is great news that we have $90,000 available, it’s incredibly bad news that we have over $400,000 in requests. This identifies an incredible unmet need here in the Fraser Valley,” Green said.

He said the recent announcement that child poverty exceeds 18 per cent is further example of the desperate need of many families.

The UWFV’s annual fundraising campaign runs from September to December and so far has reached about $363,000 this year.

A total of 79 per cent of the funds come from employee payroll deductions. Another 19.6 per cent is from corporate donations, while the remaining 1.4 per cent is from individuals contributing outside of a workplace program.

For more information, visit uwfv.bc.ca.