UFV offering education grants

Money available for students entering university's Upgrading and University Preparation programs

The start of a new year often inspires self-improvement, but can also involve a cash crunch that comes right after the holiday spending spree.

Thanks to grant money now available for students entering the University of the Fraser Valley’s Upgrading and University Preparation (UUP) programs, financial help can be provided for those looking to improve their life by upgrading their education in 2016.

“I want people who wish to upgrade their education to know that help is available for those who need it,” says Dr. Sue Brigden, dean of the faculty of access and continuing education.

“I want them to know that grant money is available to help them pay for their education. They should also know that because a grant is not a loan they will not have to pay any funds they receive back in the future.”

Thousands of dollars are available this winter through the provincial Adult Upgrading Grant and the UFV Upgrading Grant. The grants, which are tiered, provide different levels of financial assistance for people of various incomes and needs. Some students could be given a grant that covers the cost of tuition, while those earning less could be given one that covers the cost of tuition, books, and supplies. Depending on their income, some applicants may still be required to cover smaller dues, such as student union fees.

“We encourage all people to apply because most students are awarded a grant that covers the cost of tuition, at the very least,” Brigden explains.

UUP runs courses during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Applications are accepted throughout the year so — provided seats are available — students can apply for entry and start courses during the first couple of weeks of a semester. For those who cannot begin in January, some may be able to enrol in courses starting in March or May.

Chilliwack’s Shadi Chaychi is using her grant money to continue working towards becoming an engineer – a goal she couldn’t realize without UFV’s UUP.

“It’s been a great experience. All the teachers were great, and the most important thing is classes are not too big, so teachers can help all the students,” she says.

“They offer grants for low-income people, which is helpful, and they have a great advisor to help with any questions. I’d recommend these classes to everyone who wants to go back to university, especially those who haven’t been to school for a long time.”

For more information on UFV’s UUP, and requesting grant assistance, visit ufv.ca/uup.