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Treats for the homeless

Students bake, decorate and deliver cookies to those less fortunate.
Reach Program students (from left) Samantha Zaparniuk

An Abbotsford student wanted to spread some Christmas cheer to homeless people in the community, and she enlisted the help of some of her classmates.

Tina Sharp decided to give homemade cookies to the group staying in Jubilee Park (before they were forced to vacate due to a court-ordered injunction). She is a student at the Reach Program, a community-based education program for students who might not otherwise attend school.

The youth in the program have all dealt with hardships, and Tina wanted to do something positive for others who might also be dealing with hardships.

She asked fellow students Karley Spalding and Samantha Zaparniuk to help.

The goal was to bake, decorate and deliver 100 cookies.

The girls were assisted in baking and decorating the cookies by Laurie Mossey, the youth care worker for the program; Joyce Mossey, Laurie’s mom; and Dorothy Woodstock, Joyce’s friend.

The treats were packaged by Julie Jensen.

On Dec. 11, Tina, Karley, student Chase Stroomer, teacher Mark Reglin and Laurie Mossey delivered the cookies to homeless people in downtown Abbotsford.

“I got a warm, tingly feeling in my stomach,” Tina said of delivering the cookies. “I’ve never felt that way before and it made me feel so happy to see them all smile. I would love to do it again.”