Three schools win in UFV contest

Abbotsford high schools competed, and won cash, in an online quiz.

Three schools in the Fraser Valley are celebrating big wins in the University of the Fraser Valley’s first-ever ChatterHigh competition.

The students of Rick Hansen Secondary, Hope Secondary, and Chilliwack Senior Secondary have earned their school not only bragging rights, but prize money.

Rick Hansen students took home first place and a cheque for $1,250. Hope Secondary earned second place and $750, while Chilliwack Secondary will use its third-place winnings of $500 to help fund graduation events.

UFV recently partnered with ChatterHigh, a newly created website designed with one focus — to help students learn more about the post-secondary options available in BC.

The twist? To add an element of fun and friendly competition between local schools, UFV’s recruitment team decided to put some prize money on the line.

Students in the five Fraser Valley school districts were invited to participate on the ChatterHigh website by answering quiz questions and earning points for correct answers.

The quiz questions include everything from “What is the UFV mascot?” (a sasquatch named Sas’qets) to “Name one program based on the Chilliwack campus” (for example nursing, theatre, agriculture or welding).

If students weren’t sure of an answer, they had the option to click on a link directing them to a specific area of the UFV website.

UFV student recruitment coordinator Daniel Goertz said the quizzes were a great way to provide students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 with information on programs, events and admission requirements at UFV.

“With these quizzes, our goal is to show students that navigating university websites doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming; it can actually be fun,” Goertz said. “Of course, a little cash never hurts either!”

The competition was open in October and November.