Students act socially and give back locally

Students of St. John Brebeuf have been devoted stewards of our local community

Alanna Stobbe

Alanna Stobbe

Contributed by Katie Wong

Started by Dr. Christine Tsou and her Business 10 class in October 2011, the Adopt-A-Street program has been an instrumental part of the foundation here at St. John Brebeuf. Ignited by our drive to care for our community, Adopt-A-Street will continue to benefit the school and the city.

Students of SJB have been devoted stewards of our local community. Once a week, through the Adopt-A-Street program students have been hitting the streets armed with vests, garbage bags, and tongs ready to tackle anything. No longer do old coffee cups, fast food wrappers, or dreaded cigarette stubs loom our streets. From Old Yale to Blue Jay, SJB continues to roam the streets on the prowl for the garbage that dares to enter.

The ultimate reason for participating in Adopt-A-Street was the lessons learned about social responsibility. In Business 10 we learn the dynamics of a business; marketing, revenue, and product development. Our teacher Dr. Tsou also teaches us that giving to the community should be our first priority.

By the devoted participation of our entire school, SJB is raising young people ready to enter the workforce with the knowledge and compassion for the needs of the community that will contribute to the further growth and development of Abbotsford.