SPCA launches Million Acts of Kindness

The campaign celebrates 120 years of service in B.C.

This year, the BC SPCA is celebrating 120 years of serving and protecting B.C.’s most vulnerable animals.

To mark the anniversary, the non-profit society launched a year-long campaign, entitled Million Acts of Kindness, which invites animal lovers to join together to carry out a million acts of kindness for companion, farm and wild animals in 2015.

Each week throughout 2015, the millionacts.ca website will feature a new act of kindness for animals – participants can choose to do one act or challenge themselves to do more.

The weekly challenges will be something that everyone can easily do, regardless of age or whether or not they currently have a pet, she said.

Examples of the acts of kindness range from switching to cage-free eggs or sharing a shelter animal’s profile with friends.

The acts will be tallied and updated monthly on the millionacts.ca website and will include acts of kindness for abused, injured, neglected and homeless animals carried out by the BC SPCA.

Sign up at millionacts.ca.