SPCA constables train on farms

Program brings farmers and SPCA inspectors together

The B.C. Farm Animal Care Council (BCFACC) and the B.C. Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will team up again this fall to help train constables tasked with upholding animal cruelty and care laws.

This spring, the BCFACC organized its first livestock and poultry welfare assessment training course. More than a dozen SPCA special provincial constables from around the province attended the five-day course, which consisted of classroom sessions and technical reviews at seven volunteering Fraser Valley Farms.

The BCFACC says the course helps foster a mutual understanding of production practices and animal care on working farms.

“Our farmers and ranchers care for their animals,” said Carolyn MacLaren, general manager of BCFACC. “It’s important for the BC SPCA’s constables to see firsthand the level of care our farmers provide for their livestock and poultry and to see the Codes of Practice at work.”

Shawn Eccles, BC SPCA manager of cruelty investigations, was also pleased with the results of the program.

“Our constables bolstered their understanding of important farm animal care standards contained within the Canadian codes of practice. This will allow our special constables to deal more effectively with any animal cruelty issues on farms.”

This fall will see another group of BC SPCA inspectors and special provincial constables offered the training, which is supported by both the federal and provincial governments.