Stock photo by Kevin Yang on Unsplash

Stock photo by Kevin Yang on Unsplash

Space needed for proms and tuxes given free to youth in need

Talia’s closet in Abbotsford needs space to display and store items

Talia’s Closet, a program of Abbotsford Community Services (ACS), is searching for a place to store and display prom dresses and tuxedos for youth in need.

Sevenoaks Shopping Centre generously donated space for years but, after some changes, Talia’s Closet had to move out in the fall.

More than 200 outfits are currently crammed into random spaces and a storage locker at ACS, but as prom season approaches, a larger and more permanent solution is needed so youth can try on the outfits.

“We know that this is a big ask and there aren’t a lot of organizations that have extra space,” said Simone Maassen, the manager of youth services at ACS.

“If we don’t find something soon, we’ll have to limit the amount of youth we can help.”

Youth are referred to the program from high school teachers or counsellors, and a seamstress donates her time to tailor the outfits.

Local businesses donate hair, makeup and nail services to help offset the costs of prom.

Talia’s Closet started in 2011 after Linda Anderson approached ACS with her idea.

As a student who had been unable to attend her own prom due a lack of funds, Anderson wanted to make sure that other youth didn’t have to miss out.

The program receives no funding and is run by volunteers and part-time staff from the Youth Resource Program at ACS.

Anyone who can provide a space is asked to contact the Youth Resource Centre at 604-870-4972.