Recycling program for home-cleaning waste items

London Drugs at Highstreet in Abbotsford offers new service

For every item of waste dropped off as a new service at London Drugs at Highstreet shopping complex in Abbotsford, the company will donate two cents to the Canadian Cancer Society.

The new program involves select London Drugs locations having clearly marked drop-off boxes into which residents can deposit their home-cleaning and air-freshening waste.

Once full, the boxes will be picked up by UPS and shipped to TerraCycle, an independent recycling agency which specializes in diverting from landfills material that municipalities deem “non-recyclable.”

Among the items that can be deposited in the boxes are plastic air freshener cartridges, trigger heads on spray bottles, screw caps from bathroom and kitchen cleaners, and used packages of disposable cleaning wipes.

Although these products are technically recyclable, the high cost of separating mixed plastics means the infrastructure to recycle them isn’t available across the country.