Project to help immigrants share their knowledge

Library Champions program that to help newcomers to Canada coming to Clearbrook Library.

Project to help immigrants share their knowledge

Books aren’t the only information source in local libraries anymore.

Thanks to the NewToBC initiative, new immigrants will get a chance to share what they know as part of the Library Champions Project.

Library Champions are new immigrants who enjoy volunteering, love libraries and helping other people, are 19 years or older, and are permanent residents but not yet Canadian Citizens.They aim to provide a vital link between the community of Abbotsford and new immigrants by connecting them to services and programs in local public libraries and other community agencies.

The project allows new immigrants the chance to gain volunteer experience, improve communication skills, increase confidence, meet new people and develop a better understanding of their community. On average, each Library Champion shares information with about 70 other new immigrants over the course of the three-month volunteer program.

Before beginning outreach in the community, volunteers are trained on building communication, presentation and outreach skills, as well as on services available in the community.

Those interested can find out more at an information session at Clearbrook Library (32320 George Ferguson Way, phone 604-859-7814) on Wednesday, Sept. 28 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

To register go to 1 or visit and click on the red “Register Here” button.