Left to right: Kat Halliday and Allison Price

Left to right: Kat Halliday and Allison Price

Produce donated to Abbotsford Food Bank

The Farm 2 Food Bank program is volunteer-run and has collected from nine farms

The Abbotsford Food Bank has partnered with Dragonlily Gardens and the Valley Permaculture Guild to provide people living below the poverty line with access to healthy local produce.

Using a donated van operated by volunteers, the Farm 2 Food Bank program visits nine local farms and gleans farmers’ excess produce. All the food collected here stays to nourish local residents. More than 3,000 people access the food bank monthly; 1,200 of which are children.

According to Abbotsford Community Services, in the first month of operation, 1,465 lb of produce was collected, which is a 136 per cent increase from the same time last year.

One mother who has benefited from the fresh produce said, “I have dietary restrictions and the produce my family and I need is too expensive to buy each week. I am so thankful to the farmers for giving to the food bank. Now my children are eating more nourishing food, and I am too.”

Any farms wanting to be involved, call 604-859-5749.