Pop can recycling funds support meal program

Sevenoaks Shopping Centre donates more than $5,000 to help provide lunches to children in need in Abbotsford

Sevenoaks Shopping Centre and the Abbotsford board of education began a partnership in September 2010 with a common goal of providing lunches to children in need.

All pop can recycling money from mall customers is donated to the school meal program. To date, Sevenoaks Shopping Centre customers have donated $5,060.

“The 2011-2012 school year provided 66,587 meals in 32 school districts,” said Helen Duval, school meal program coordinator.

The partnership with Sevenoaks Shopping Centre is pivotal to the continuation of this worthwhile program, as ministry funding is limited, she said.

“Every dollar donated goes towards feeding a hungry child,”said Duval.