Over 18 documentary outlines negative effects of pornography

Screening on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at New Life Church in Abbotsford

The documentary Over 18 will be shown in Abbotsford on Feb. 8.

The documentary Over 18 will be shown in Abbotsford on Feb. 8.

NOTE: The screening was originally scheduled for Feb. 8, but has been changed to Feb. 15.

The screening of a documentary called Over 18 takes place Wednesday, Feb. 15 at New Life  Church, 35270 DeLair Rd.

The feature-length documentary, by filmmakers Jared and Michelle Brock, examines the online pornography industry and its effects on kids, youth, parents and porn stars.

The goal is to educate youth on the realities of pornography, help their parents understand the growing epidemic of hardcore porn usage, and propose solutions for preventing exposure and addiction in the first place.

The documentary follows the true story of a boy who became addicted to pornography at the age of nine while playing on the computer in his family’s living room. The film interviews experts from around the world as well as people who are still active in the porn industry today.

The filmmakers say that nine out of 10 boys and six out of 10 girls are exposed to online pornography before they are 18. On average, a boy will first see porn at age 12.

They say that 71 per cent of teens hide their online behaviour from their parents.

The screening in Abbotsford starts at 7 p.m. and is open to the public. Visit over18doc.com for more information.