New program offered for stroke survivors

Presented in Abbotsford by the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Ray Horne worked all day in construction and was home having a shower when he had a bleed in his brain – a stroke.

Ray spent the next three months working hard to recovery from the incident in order to return home.

Once home, Irene took her husband regularly to the local recreation centre to continue his recovery on their walking paths and stairs.

Although Ray still does not have the use of his right arm, he keeps on walking every day, including doing the stairs in the parking garage.

It has been five years this month since the stroke, and Ray continues to work at new ways to stay active.

“We do have a lot to be thankful for but it is not easy to do it alone. There are others here in Abbotsford going through the same things,” he said.

Now, Abbotsford stroke survivors have a new place to go for help and hope: the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Living with Stroke program.

The program is designed to help stroke survivors and their families improve their quality of life, cope with challenges and connect with others.

It is led by volunteer facilitators such as Irene and Ray and provided free in B.C. communities.

The program is composed of seven weekly two-hour sessions. Topics include: impact of stroke, physical changes and keeping active; dealing with emotions and relationships; reducing future risk; and nutrition.

All stroke survivors and their care partners are welcome to register by calling call 1-888-473-4636.

For more information on stroke resources and the program, visit