Archway Community Services in Abbotsford. (Photo courtesy of Archway)

Archway Community Services in Abbotsford. (Photo courtesy of Archway)

New program in Abbotsford offers support for young parents

Archway Community Services provides outreach, including classes and referrals

A new program at Archway Community Services will offer support to young parents in Abbotsford.

The New Beginnings Young Parent Community Outreach program is an extension of the support services normally offered to parents attending the New Beginnings school.

The program provides assistance in accessing resources for income assistance or housing, support in working with family court, referrals to mental health supports, and guidance for pursuing post-secondary education.

Parents are also able to access parenting classes, quality childcare referrals and advice on maintaining healthy relationships with their partners.

“COVID-19 has been tough for parents with young children and young parents can face additional challenges,” said parent support worker Tamara Dueckman. “We’re here to support them and their family unit through this difficult time.”

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Support is offered to those who are attending school, have recently graduated or are not ready to return to school.

While the New Beginnings school and daycare are open, not all parents are comfortable with in-person schooling or able to attend school due to financial or family situations.

“While we typically work with those who are actively pursuing their education, we saw a need to reach out to the wider community,” Dueckman said.

The outreach services are free to parents, and the program is offered in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Priority may be given to those under 24.

Visit or call 604-850-7303 (ext. 4259) for more information.

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