Jam in Jubilee wraps up for another year

Six-week music festival draws steady crowds downtown

Jubilee in Jubilee wrapped up last Thursday, after providing six weeks of entertainment in Jubilee Park.

The annual event brought together local musicians, artists and performers, as well as an average of 700 spectators each Thursday evening.

Sophia Suderman, one of the event’s lead organizers, said this year’s festival was a success.

“Things went really smoothly and we were really excited about the diversity in the lineup that we had.”

The festival featured local acts such as the Immaculate Mules, Heatseeker, Old Mare and many more. Suderman said the acts were high quality, and many of them are local favourites.

“The more local it is, the more excited people are to see their friends and family members there.”

Suderman also said the event brought in a “good mix of people” and was well varied. She said the eclectic music each night drew people from a variety of interests.

The final evening featured the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra and local bands Poor Richard’s Almanac and Oh No! Yoko, which Suderman said brought out a variety of fans for the evening.

“For us, having the (Abbotsford) Youth Orchestra was big. That’s the biggest production we’ve ever done. It was really neat to co-ordinate that.”

Suderman said they also received a good response to the short film festival, which was held on the fifth night of Jam in Jubilee and featured shorts by local filmmakers.

Suderman said the volunteer-run festival becomes better organized each year, but they were shorter on manpower than previous years and donations to the free festival were also down.

In January, the executive will start meeting to plan next year’s festival. They will continue to look for new committee members who are interested in helping, and Suderman said the organizers are “always open to people’s input and ideas.”

Information about Jam in Jubilee can be found at www.jaminjubilee.com.