ICBC, APD and city educate pedestrians

An awareness event was held recently in Abbotsford.

Mayor Bruce Banman (far left)

Mayor Bruce Banman (far left)

Representatives from ICBC, the Abbotsford Police Department, and the City of Abbotsford handed out free reflectors and provided tips to pedestrians during an event last Friday.

The group was on hand at the crosswalk in front of city hall for an hour in response to the increase in pedestrian-related crashes that occur in the fall and winter.

Every year in Abbotsford, an average of 27 pedestrians are injured in crashes from October to December, according to ICBC.

This year, ICBC, police and volunteers partnered to complete safety improvements at nine crosswalks throughout the city.

The total cost was $9,350, with $7,000 of that coming from ICBC.

The upgrades included “shark teeth” pavement markings that indicate to drivers that they should stop and yield to pedestrians well back from the crosswalk.

The idea is to maintain adequate sight lines for pedestrians and drivers across all lanes of traffic.