Health seminar on stress impacts

Cost of seminar will go to aiding kids in Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines

A seminar will focus on the impact of stress on health, entitled The Best Medicine for the 21st Century, while raising funds for a charity that helps impoverished kids in Southeast Asia.

The seminar, which takes place Feb. 7, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ross Road Community Church, will feature a variety of speakers, including Judy Griffioen on joy and addressing the damaging effects of anticipated negative thinking patterns; biochemist Muneer Esmail on what happens in the blood under stress; comedian Cliff Prang on laughter as the best medicine; voice teacher Michelle Wright on the health benefits of singing; Zumba instructor Michelle Thivierge on the benefits of exercise; chiropractor Aron Ens on what happens under stress; and Ariene Poelke on the calming effects of oils.

The $30 fee will go to help one impoverished child living in northern Thailand, Myanmar or the Philippines for one month, through the faith-based registered charity GNI Ministries and their partner ministry at the Garden of Hope in northern Thailand.

At the Garden of Hope, an average of 30 children are kept off the streets each day, fed healthy meals, taught music and moral values, in addition to being sponsored to stay in school. In Myanmar, a growing ministry reaches 65 children and in Davao, in the Philippines, they reach 53 children.

Tickets are available at the church, House of James and Living Well Vitamins.