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Ghost stories: Locations across Fraser Valley to make your spine tingle

From Abbotsford’s Keeping Road to Hope’s historic station house, ghost stories abound
Abbotsford’s Keeping Road is the subject of a paranormal investigation by a YouTube channel. (YouTube photo)

There’s no shortage of spooky spots to explore — or avoid — in the eastern Fraser Valley.

They run the gamut from a haunted road in Abbotsford to historic hallowed halls in Chilliwack. Through the years, stories have emerged from archives and from new paranormal investigations into all those things that go bump in the night.

Here is a list to get your spine tingling this Halloween.

1. Is Abbotsford’s Keeping Road the most haunted road in Canada?

That was the question posed by The Paranormal Road Trippers - a popular YouTube channel based in Canada that investigates some of the spookiest mysteries in the country.

The group posted a TikTok video in 2022 claiming that they had received several stories of unusual occurrences on the street and that video went viral. It’s been one of the top read stories on the Abbotsford News website, as people check in on the local folklore.

Sightings on Keeping Road include a woman standing on the road at night who then disappears as you get closer. Other people have reported seeing a ghost dog, along with numerous other apparitions.

2. Haunted Tales: Stories from Williams Street in Chilliwack.

This story comes straight from the Chilliwack Museum and Archives and involves a home that no longer exists. But like all good ghost stories, it lives on in the community.

Near the corner of Portage Avenue and Williams Street once stood a white and green three-story house. Built in 1909 by travelling salesman W. E. Bradwin, the house, built with clapboard siding and equipped with six-bedrooms, became the centre of local legend in the mid to late 1960s.

Hetty and Douglas Fredrickson moved into the house and resided in the house in the 1960s. In the dead of night, footsteps could be heard upstairs. Drawers could be found opened. Furniture, carefully arranged by the homeowners, moved out of place. Hetty even reported seeing a ghost with no face.

Future residents also reported strange happenings, but house burned down in the 1970s.

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3. WATCH: Paranormal team investigates haunted Fraser Canyon train station

A group of paranormal investigators visited an abandoned and purportedly haunted Fraser Canyon railway station back in 2018.

“Some of the contractors who have been getting the station ready for its renovation were a little creeped out by unseen forces. It felt as though they were being watched,” lead investigator Mark Fuson said at the start of a 30-minute video set in the CN Station House in Boston Bar.

Built in 1914 and abandoned for decades, the building even hosted Princess Elizabeth on her royal tour of B.C. in October 1951.

Howard Johnson, a member of the society’s board, said he has both seen, heard and felt ghosts, or ‘spirits’ in the parlance of paranormal investigators, in the building. A skeptic at first, Johnson said his sighting of a woman dressed in early 1900s attire and another apparition touching his arm have turned him into a believer.

After years of non-ghost controversy, the Hope Station House is expected to be moved by the Tashme Historical Society in the coming year.

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