Get in on the action at the Demolition Derby!

The Demo Derby at Agrifair is one of the most popular aspects of the Fair. Action starts next Saturday.

“Seek and destroy” is the name of this game as a mishmash of vehicles from big cars and light cars to mini vans get ready to rev it up and fight for their lives in a mosh pit of chaos and destruction. The event will take place in the Captain Crunch Arena located in the parking lot in front of the Rotary Stadium beginning Saturday running through to Monday on the August long weekend at Agrifair.

Saturday’s show will begin with “Best Looking Car”. Then the quarter midget car demonstrations will get under way in which kids from ages 4 ½ to 17 years old will show you just how cool their sport is. A “quarter midget” car is identical to a full midget car except scaled down to ‘one quarter’ of the size and they are made of aluminum or stainless steel with a one cylinder engine. A “full midget” is a small four cylinder fiberglass car built around a tubular frame and suspended with springs and shocks. Safety features include a full roll cage, multi-point harness and full face helmet.


Mini stock racing, a motor sport allowing amateur racers to gain experience in the competitive racing world, will run full speed ahead Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Stock cars are previously street-driven cars, limited to only stock parts and components. They are equipped with roll cages and other safety components and windows have been removed.

Midget and other racing classes will race ten laps or more around an oval track and the mini stock class, including Toyotas, Hondas, Mazdas and other smaller road cars, will race eight times around the insane figure eight track where they can strategically bash their components out of the competition while at the same time trying to avoid this fate themselves. The winner is the first to cross the finish line.

Contestants are currently busy rebuilding and painting their “baby’s” before sacrificing them to the Demolition Derby arena. On Saturday there will be two shows. The lighter of cars will be raced during the first show at 2:30pm followed by the demolition derby. The bigger cars will race at 7:00pm. On Sunday the light cars and mini-vans will race at 3:00pm followed by the demolition derby. The grand finale on Monday will showcase everything including the BIG cars and lots of other races and demolition.

If you want to be a contestant and take part in the carnage here is your opportunity. Make a minimum donation of $500 to the “Make A Wish Foundation”. You will be supplied with a car and will have an opportunity to beat your opponents in an oval racing challenge where you can push and hit in an effort to be the first to cross the finish line. Jim from Chances, last year’s winner and main promoter of the Demolition Derby, challenges any big shots out there who think they’ve got what it takes to beat him in the arena to step up to the challenge. Here’s your chance to strip him of the title! Contact Ross Edwards at for details.

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