Garage sale raises $3,500 for projects in Kenya

Imani Orphan Care Foundation, based in Abbotsford, supports two orphanages in the African country

A garage sale in Abbotsford on Saturday raised $3,500 for a farming project and bio-sand filters for water purification in Kenya.

The Abbotsford-based Imani Orphan Care Foundation plans to buy a 20-acre plot of land for an orphanage in Malindi, located on the east coast of Kenya.

The land will supply food to feed the children and to sell to local hotels for money to sustain the home.

The project will also teach farming to the children so that they have skills they can use when they are re-integrated into society.

The organization also plans to set up three bio-sand filters at an orphanage it supports in the rural town of Ogembo in western Kenya, as well as one for a family in Kisumu, Kenya.

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