First Pet Lover Show comes to Tradex

The event in Abbotsford features educational seminars and a wide array of exhibitors.

Sharon Wells-Ackermans

Sharon Wells-Ackermans

The first Pet Lover Show will bring together animal lovers from all over the Lower Mainland and further afield at Abbotsford’s Tradex exhibition centre on Feb. 16 and 17.

The event provides a mix of educational seminars and a wide array of exhibitors.

Highlights of the Pet Lover Show include the internationally renowned wildlife program Wild Wonders, which has wowed audiences on the Discovery Channel, the Tonight Show, the Today Show and more with its array of animals from all over the world.

Dr. Stanley Coren, expert dog behaviourist and professor of psychology at University of British Columbia, will give visitors insight into canine behaviour to help them read their dog’s body language, understand the sophisticated language of barking and tailor a training program to their dog’s temperament.

For would-be horse-owners  Sharon Wells-Ackermans, managing director of the Horse Protection Society, will explain what you should know before you buy a horse. She will explain a horse’s basic needs, the costs and the challenges of keeping a horse.

Doors are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Admissions is $10 general, $8 for seniors and youth, and free for kids five and under.

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