Financial institution raises $83K for United Way

Campaign has been running for eight years at Prospera branches

Prospera Credit Union’s 430 employees have raised $83,152 for the United Way (UW) during this year’s campaign.

In addition to the financial institution’s fundraising success, for the fourth year in a row the credit union had the opportunity to sponsor a community representative to assist the United Way in its campaign efforts. During the three months of the campaign, Prospera’s sponsored rep, Imraan Gazdar, visited organizations of all sizes and to share information about the programs and services supported by UW funding.

Prospera president and CEO Bruce Howell also served as campaign cabinet co-chair for UW.

“I didn’t understand how United Way operates. I saw them as this big charity that does a massive campaign every year to raise a bunch of money for projects that may or may not benefit my community,” said Howell. “I know I’m not alone in that perception, but it turns out I was wrong. First of all, the money that is raised in my community stays in my community where it is used to address local needs such as providing affordable housing, improving early childhood education or tackling the many issues that surround homelessness. Secondly, and this is really important, the money isn’t being spent on administrative costs for some big organization trying to deliver a one size fits all program. Quite the opposite is true. United Way partners with local grassroots organizations—the kind that are at the heart of every one of our communities—and supports them in responding to the specific needs of people in their area.”

Prospera employees have been coordinating United Way workplace campaigns for more than eight years and have raised more than $500,000.