Aldergrove Park vs. Ravine Park: Vote in our best-park bracket

Aldergrove Park vs. Ravine Park: Vote in our best-park bracket

This August, we’re showcasing local parks, and hoping you will tell us which is your favourite

Abbotsford is blessed with dozens of parks, some among the very best in the Lower Mainland. And although everybody loves Mill Lake Park, Abbotsford has dozens of other parks as well. Some parks you may have never heard of. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be running a Final Four-style bracket that pits Abbotsford’s lesser-loved parks against one another. Proclaim your favourite park and see if you’re in the majority. At the end, we’ll set the favourite against Mill Lake and see if its backers can help it knock off the city’s crown jewel. At the end of the day, hopefully you will find a new park to explore.

You can vote below and on individual Park Vs. Park pages. Find those all here. You can also vote on separate polls our Facebook page. The results will be tallied separately, depending on where you vote. The winner will be determined by merging the two sets of results together.

For the first round, we’ll be posting two contests each day this week. Results will be tabulated next Monday.

Aldergrove Regional Park vs. Ravine Park

This is one of the quirkier match-ups in the first round of our bracket. Both these parks are off the beaten path for most Abbotsford residents, and yet have something unique to offer.

3. Aldergrove Regional Park is only partially in Abbotsford, but it IS in Abbotsford and there’s a ton of stuff to do here. The park has an array of trails that weave through forests, meadows and wetlands. The park is horse-friendly and includes both a large picnic shelter and a large grassy area that can be rented. It also has one of the most precious amenities around: room for a dog to roam (in certain areas) without a leash. Amenities. Trail map.

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14. Ravine Park also has wetlands, but that’s about where the similarities with Aldergrove Regional Park end. Often overlooked, and rarely used, the park is situated in the centre of Abbotsford. It was previously known for some drug activity that deterred visitors, but a recent visit found it to be clean and relatively welcoming. Located at the bottom of a ravine (Shocker!), a walk in this park feels a world removed from the bustle of the city just up the hills. That said, the trails aren’t long and there’s no other amenities to actually keep someone in the park. Ravine will be in tough to knock off Aldergrove.

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