Dance team promotes upcoming Abbotsford BC Summer Games

Dance team 'Elementz' at the BC Wrestling Championships, Abbotsford.

BC Summer Games Dance Crew - 'Elementz' at the BC Wrestling Championships.

BC Summer Games Dance Crew - 'Elementz' at the BC Wrestling Championships.

Dance team ‘Elementz’ was featured at the February 27th BC Wrestling Championships in Abbotsford. The Elementz Dance Crew was there to promote the Abbotsford 2016 BC Summer Games. They will be attending a number of community events between now and July 21st, the opening ceremony of the BC Summer Games. With 144 days to go, organizers are looking for volunteers to assist with the management of the Games here in Abbotsford.

To follow the journey towards this significant event to be held here in the city check out the interactive magazine. The online magazine provides videos, stories, and the people behind bringing the Games to Abbotsford.

If you would like to volunteer, visit the BC Games site to sign up.










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Photos provided by BC Summer Games photographers – Rick MacDonald and Paul Funk.