Couple from the Ukraine speak at Communitas luncheon in Abbotsford

Lucy Romanankova and David McKittrick will discuss their work with the Florence Centre and the political situation in the Ukraine

Staff work with students at the Florence Centre in Ukraine

Staff work with students at the Florence Centre in Ukraine

Lucy Romanankova, director of the Florence Centre in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, and her husband, David McKittrick, will begin a three-month national tour in Abbotsford and will speak at a fundraising luncheon on Friday, March 20 at noon.

Romanankova will speak about her work at the Florence Centre, while McKittrick will speak on the political situation in Ukraine.

“We are always impressed that people who live in Canada think about Ukraine,” Romanankova said. “We are very, very grateful for the support and encouragement we receive.”

The Florence Centre is a community development program committed to education and support of children, adults and families dealing with disabilities, abuse, addiction and mental health issues.

Communitas, in connection with Canada Ukraine Agrarian Development Inc., has partnered with the Florence Centre since 2007.

“It is a natural fit,” said Karyn Santiago, CEO of Communitas. “We get the joy of supporting what is taking place in a similar service on the other side of the world. The exchange of ideas that can happen between like-minded agencies is an investment in the next generation of Ukrainians.”

The public is invited to hear Romanankova and McKittrick speak at the luncheon at Columbia Bible College, 2940 Clearbrook Rd.

Tickets are $15 and are available from Communitas at #103 – 2776 Bourquin Crescent West or by calling 604-850-6608.

For more information, visit the website

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