Columbia Bible College opens new residence

Redekop Hall can house 130 students and was supported by more than 250 donors.

Columbia Bible College opened a new residence that can house 130 students during the school year and provide for conference groups during the summer.

The $3.5-million building, located on the campus at Clearbrook Road and George Ferguson Way, was made possible by more than 250 donors. It opened with no debt. The residence is named Redekop Hall, after the extended family that provided a $1-million lead gift for the project.

College president Dr. Ron Penner described the project as the “completion of a dream.” The building is designed to maximize student interaction, with rooms set in clusters around social areas with kitchen facilities. Penner said the residence’s design reflects CBC’s heritage which “underpins our notion of community.”

Abbotsford city Coun. Dave Loewen said Columbia is “an integral part of defining who we are as a city.”  He paid tribute to the vision of the school community, generosity of partners and the high levels of volunteerism that brought the residence to completion.