Co-housing session highlights Yarrow project

The Yarrow Ecovillage close to the Chilliwack-Abbotsford border reaches the halfway point.

The members of the Yarrow Ecovillage see themselves as “ordinary people” building an “extraordinary” neighbourhood on the western fringe of Chilliwack, close to the Abbotsford boundary.

Phase 3 of the co-housing construction is now underway, with two- to four-bedroom units available.

The community is about half full now, with 50 residents in the ecovillage so far – 17 of which are children.

The co-housing project has been underway in Yarrow since 2006, when Chilliwack city council approved an “ecovillage” rezoning designation for the 22-acre site, one of the first of its kind in Canada.

Several components make up the ecovillage, from the Groundswell co-housing units, to certified organic farming operations, and future plans for mixed commercial/residential development on the two acres closest to the road. There are plans to build a new common house in 2012, where community meals can be shared and other activities.

To learn more about co-housing, there is an upcoming talk by co-housing expert and architect Chuck Durrett.

Attendees can meet some people who have actually succeeded in building their own custom-designed neighbourhood. The event takes place on Jan. 20, 7 p.m. UFV Abbotsford Campus Room B101 (Main lecture Hall).

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