Class prepares sustainable-seafood feast

Foods 11 students of Abbotsford Christian Secondary recently presented a special meal for parents, staff and guests.

Grade 11 class prepares Ocean Wise seafood feast.

Grade 11 class prepares Ocean Wise seafood feast.

by Kelsey Klassen, Abbotsford News

The biology and foods students at Abbotsford Christian Secondary School have been working together to focus public attention on some important issues in the area of seafood sustainability.

Inspired by the work of Ocean Wise, a non-profit program associated with the Vancouver Aquarium, the students have researched various sustainability-related issues.

As a result of their learning, students and teachers worked together to host an evening where guests had an opportunity to enjoy a seafood feast of sustainable species. They also listened to a series of presentations that focused on current issues that threaten the future of certain food resources.

“One of the goals of the project was to explore our role as environmental stewards. Many current harvesting practises are unsustainable and unless we change the way we utilize ocean food resources, we may find that one of our greatest hopes for providing food in the future is compromised,” said Rob Bakker, ACS’s Biology 11 teacher.

Parents, staff, and guests were invited to spend the evening of Thursday, Jan. 26 at the school to enjoy the food, prepared by the students of Foods 11.