Annual sale raises $6,000 for Imani Orphan Care

Foundation will use the funds to support its children's home in Narok, Kenya.



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A recent yard sale in Abbotsford raised $6,000 for a children’s home in Narok, Kenya.

The third annual sale was hosted on Blossom Court by the Imani Orphan Care Foundation.

The foundation will use the funds towards the orphanage, which it was given last year by another Canadian charity. It sits on three acres of land and currently has 40 kids in care.

Imani plans to build new sleeping quarters for the children, as well as walls around the home to protect the kids living there.

At this year’s yard sale, three girls – Taylor, Scarlet and Jessica – from W.A. Fraser Middle School set up a bake sale as part of a social justice project through their class.

Students were assigned to find a problem in the world that they would like to change and come up with a plan to raise money to help make a difference.

The three girls decided to support Imani Orphan Care and raised $48 at their bake sale.

“Imani’s catchphrase has always been ‘change the world one child at a time,’ and it is so wonderful to see our community backing that concept, and to see children here in Abbotsford helping other children,” said Sue Borg, who started the foundation in 2010.

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