Agrifair boasts profit of over $11,000 in 2013

Board of directors pleased at results at the annual general meeting

“We had an amazing fair, the expansion created a park-like setting which was obviously enjoyed by our attendees as our attendance increased by 28 per cent over 2012” president Ernie Silveri stated at Agrifair’s annual general meeting held Nov. 13.

John Durham, treasurer, presented a positive financial statement.

“Even after we took depreciation of $24,000 into consideration, this year we can be extremely proud to boast a profit over $11,000”.

Pamela Brenner, general manager, stated “this achievement is the result of combined efforts of many individuals, elected volunteers, sponsorship partners and of course the City of Abbotsford. Board and staff are very thankful to all who support the fair.”

Elections were held with eight nominees for six available positions on the board. Members re-elected Asger Hansen, Susan Krochter, Bob Street, Lorne Webster, and two new directors are Curtis Pope and David VanLanduyt. Neil Watson thanked outgoing directors Anthony Hirschman, Allan Philps, and Caryn Zimmerman for their service on the board. The directors called for a recess to elect the 2014 executive, announcing Silveri for another term as president, Watson as vice-president, Krochter as secretary, Durham as treasurer with Street and Webster as directors-at-large.

Silveri announced that there will be an open membership meeting in February 2014 for all friends of the fair to bring forward ideas for Agrifair 2014, August 1 to 4.