Abbotsford’s rural ratepayers rally

The Abbotsford Rural Ratepayers committee will host a public meeting at Bradner Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

Daren Alary, a spokesman for the committee, said several important issues will be addressed.

“We need to find a few suitable civic candidates that will support a hold on tax increases in the City of Abbotsford, even if it means curtailing projects that are on stream, like the rural green waste pick-up or others already in the system,” he said.

Alary said many Abbotsford councillors “have been there too long and are well past their best-before date, while others are major disappointments.

“Abbotsford city council cannot continually jam four to six per cent yearly property tax increases down our throats on top of other increased fees in these tough economic times, when getting pay increases for us citizens is rare.”

He said a key goal of the Rural Ratepayers advocacy group is to find candidates who consider fiscal restraint their main objective.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. Bradner Hall is located at 5305 Bradner Road.

Alary may be contacted at 604-302-2332.