Abbotsford Shrine Club gives certificates of appreciation

Group thankful for community support

Ms. Charlotte Kennedy

Ms. Charlotte Kennedy

Nobles from the Abbotsford Shrine Club presented a certificate of appreciation to Charlotte Kennedy, Property Manager, Bentall Kennedy (Canada LP) for their support by way of offering a space at the West Oaks Mall for the Annual Shriners Draw For Kids ticket sales.

This year’s sales event was a fun and successful venture and the courtesy and co-operation that was extended is sincerely appreciated.

A certificate was also given to  Layne Magnuson of Magnuson Ford Sales Ltd.

The Magnuson Ford dealership has been serving Abbotsford and area since 2009 and have been providing the Ford display vehicles used for the annual Shriners Draw For Kids ticket sales.

The Ford Motor Company has been a long time supporter of The Shriners of North America  The Club’s efforts were aimed toward making this year the most successful by promoting unity as well as service among the members.