Aberdeen Elementary in Abbotsford

Aberdeen Elementary in Abbotsford

Abbotsford school selected to receive new library books and funds

Aberdeen Elementary part of Indigo’s Adopt a School program

Aberdeen Elementary in Abbotsford has been chosen as a participant in Indigo’s 2019 Adopt a School program.

This means that the Coles book store at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre will fundraise on the school’s behalf during the campaign, which runs until Oct. 6.

The money raised will go toward upgrading the school’s library collection.

This year, 182 Canadian elementary schools have been “adopted” by local Indigo, Chapters and Coles stores.

Supporters can make a donation in the store or through the Adopt a School registry at loveofreading.org.

Each school’s registry consists of 50 books for shoppers to buy and donate during the campaign. When a book is purchased from the registry, Indigo will provide an additional copy of that book to the school.

Aberdeen Elementary was previously selected for the program in 2017

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