Abbotsford mosaic mural featured in upcoming book

Abbotsford mosaic mural featured in upcoming book

Canada 150 project brings together murals from around the country

An Abbotsford mural is drawing national attention and is set to be published in a historical art book.

The Abbotsford Canada 150 Mosaic Mural, created by hundreds of community members from Abbotsford, unites Canadians from coast to coast for the Canada’s 150th anniversary.

More than 400 people painted a stylized train car to represent the community.

Abbotsford’s mural connects to others like it across the country to form a massive train painted by more than 80,000 people.

Abbotsford will be featured in this national publication as one of over 100 communities who join to create this remarkable art piece. Thousands of Canadians are still painting and will be continuing to do so up until September 2019.

The national project launched a Kickstarter campaign to see if Canadians would be interested in supporting a commemorative book about the project and, in half the time allotted to fund the project, Canadians stepped up and the book is now being published.

The book should be available to the general public by Christmas 2019 and the community of Abbotsford will be featured across Canada as a significant contributor to one of Canada’s greatest collaborative art pieces ever created.

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