Abbotsford men ski Everest at Whistler

Three Abbotsford skiers decided to ski six straight runs in order to simulate Mt. Everest.

Ron Dart

Ron Dart

Three local skiers have come up with a way to get the Everest skiing experience at Whistler.

Ron Dart (Professor at University of the Fraser Valley), Jonathan Mitchell (British mountaineer and exchange student at UFV) and John Laframboise (former Manager of Parks Services in Abbotsford) came up with the idea earlier this month.

They realized that Mount Everest is almost 30,000 feet high while the  Peak to Creek run at Whistler  is just over 5,000 feet high in a seven kilometre run.

The Peak to Creek is the longest blue-black run at Whistler (and the longest in North America). The trio discovered that if they skied the Peak to Creek run six times, they will have covered more than 30,000 feet over 42 kilometres, comparable to skiing from the summit of Everest to the valley floor.

On Thursday, March 8, the skiers decided to give it a try and successfully completed six runs in one day.

The triumphant trio are now planning more Everest at Whistler trips  for March-April ,on Olympic runs at Whistler.