Abbotsford Green Fighter talks about facing challenges

Nicole Bradley reveals the lessons learned in the Kin's Green Fighter's challenge

Abbotsford's Green Fighter Nicole Bradley.

Abbotsford's Green Fighter Nicole Bradley.

Abbotsford Green Fighter Nicole Bradley’s most recent challenge was to make a video blog about the lessons she’s learned throughout the 13-week Kin’s Farm Market Green Fighters competition.

As the competitor for Abbotsford, Bradley is up against 12 other contestants from around the Lower Mainland. Each week, they will take part in a challenge – from creating recipes to making an inspirational video – for a chance to win weekly prizes and raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. The contestant who shows the greatest improvement in health at the end of the 13 weeks will win a cruise.

She said in her video blog that one of the hardest parts of the challenge has been finding time to get to the gym. Bradley, a student  and volunteer with a full-time job, has a busy lifestyle and has had to work to find time for exercise.

Bradley also said that a good lesson she has learned is that it’s okay to mess up and deviate from your diet or exercise plan, because you can always do better in the future.

Bradley said it has been inspirational reading the blogs of the other challengers and learning about their progress.

To follow Bradley’s progress, go to the Kin’s Green Fighters Facebook page.

To donate to Bradley’s fundraising efforts for the Canadian Cancer Society, click here.

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