Abbotsford Fire Rescue reminds property owners to clear snow

This week's winter weather conditions have sparked a reminder to clear fire department access lanes, hydrants and sprinkler connections.

With the possibility of more snow in the local forecast this winter, the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service reminds all property owners that snow clearing must include fire department access lanes, hydrants and sprinkler connections.

Fire prevention officer Larry Hooge said in the hours and days following previous snowstorms, fire crews found that access to vital areas was sometimes hampered by snowbanks – some of which had been created by snowplows and loaders clearing parking lots and driveways. In one case, a hydrant was completely hidden under several feet of snow and required digging out with shovels before crews could connect a water supply to their engine.

“During an emergency response, every second counts,” Hooge said. “Business owners, strata councils and property managers must ensure that access to buildings and their fire-protection equipment is maintained at all times in order to protect the lives of those living and working in their apartments or businesses.”

Hooge said property owners should not wait until the last minute to plan for snow and ice control.

“During a snowstorm, shovels, ice-melt and snow plows are often scarce commodities and planning well in advance just makes sense,” he said.

For more information regarding this or other concerns, contact the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service at 604-853-3566.